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May contain bugs, inconveniences, and general imperfections. All content is work in progress and subject to change until the game's completion (estimated October 31, 2020).


A vertical shooter in the early to mid 90s arcade style of Raiden Fighters, Strikers 1945 and Battle Garegga. Shoot down, absorb and transform human invaders as you fly through a pixel art fantasy land to stop the monstergirl genocide.

The exiled princess Amelia has turned into a succubus and joined the peaceful monstergirl tribe. When the first invaders from her former kingdom arrive, she fights back with her newfound powers of hypnosis and demonification. She departs to take on the kingdom in a desperate bid to save her new people.

  • Seven challenging hand-crafted levels - defend your forest, fight through towns, break monstergirls out of dungeons, get chased by cavalry and more
  • Battle fearsome enemy forces - masses of infantry and artillery, nimble swordsmen and assassins, tricky spellcasters and mighty magical constructs
  • Capture soldiers to harvest their spirit energy or transform them into allied demons
  • Unlock new powers and maneuvers for your demon team as you gain spirit energy
  • Gritty, stomping FM synth rock-and-roll soundtrack
  • Portrait and landscape screen modes
  • A twist on the old heroes-slay-monsters story


ActionXbox controllerOther controllerKeyboardMouseAndroid touchscreen
MoveD-padX and Y axes
Arrow keys
Move mouse1 finger drag
FireX button
Button 1
Z key
Button 1
Alt Fire
A button
Button 2
X key
Button 2
1 finger touch
BombB button
Button 3
C key
Button 3
2 fingers touch
PauseStart button
Button 4
Esc key
Esc key
Back button

How to play

  • Knock out enemies with primary fire (forward), alternate fire (lock-on), bomb
  • Capture red enemy hearts to turn them into friendly succubi
  • Capture blue enemy hearts for score/bomb/powerup
    • Power level 0: single shot
    • Power level 1: dual shot
    • Power level 2: friends collect hearts - alt-fire pulls them back to safety
    • Power level 3: autocollect all onscreen hearts
    • Max level: friends assault enemies - alt-fire pulls them back to safety
    • The more blue hearts collected without losing a heart or a friend, the higher their point value
  • Bomb can rescue falling hearts
  • Reach the score on the top right for extra life
  • Rescue and protect friendly monstergirls for extra score


Available for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Linux, and other platforms:

  • Free demo with first 2 levels and bonus minigame.
  • Paid early access to the full game. Donate at or above the minimum for permanent access to every version of the full game, including the final version. The minimum donation will increase as the game continues to develop, so donate early for the best deal.

Stream Keys

To stream the full game, you can request a key at Keymailer:

Or Woovit:


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

demonizer-win-64.zip 10 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-osx.zip 12 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer-x86_64.AppImage 10 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer.apk 14 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-win-32.zip 9 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer-i686.AppImage 10 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-full.love 5 MB
Version 0.9.0d
DemonizerPrologueComic_Digital.pdf 20 MB

Download demo

demonizer-demo-win-64.zip 8 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-demo-osx.zip 10 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer_Demo-x86_64.AppImage 9 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer_Demo.apk 12 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-demo-win-32.zip 8 MB
Version 0.9.0d
Demonizer_Demo-i686.AppImage 9 MB
Version 0.9.0d
demonizer-demo.love 4 MB
Version 0.9.0d
DemonizerPrologueComic_Digital_.pdf 20 MB

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This is wrong. I can understand the complex morality and go beyond the old "people are good/monsters are evil" framework, but this game suggests we just do wrong things. "Capture soldiers to harvest their spirit energy or transform them into allied demons"this is completely unfair to humans as a species. Such things and forced to drink a sedative

If you will provide Steam key for this one, I buy this game via this page immediately...

Yes, absolutely I’ll provide Steam keys, once Steam lets me have them. Thanks.

Purchased. It'll be absolutely appreciated if you add Steam key onto itch purchased page once you can make Steam key. Thanks for the reply.

(1 edit)

Got and added the keys. Thanks very much for your purchase, hope you enjoy!

Lotta thanks for your rapid action! 

Gave it a few runs through there using the touch pad control on a macbook air 2013. I love the artstyle and feel like youre going for a kind of early final fantasy kind of feel which i think is great. I know its still early so my criticisms will most likely be polished by then, of course music and the players bullets are a tad too loud but thatll all smooth out with the other sounds coming in. Loved the patterns and the general theme of arrows etc. I like how the hit box only appears while shooting, id keep that in. I know saying all the stuff i like is probably not as helpful but i really like the power ups how its transparent characters around you thats such a nice touch. I would defo buy a full polished version of this on switch. As much as i enjoyed this/will enjoy the full version im actually looking forward to the sequel more as odd as that sounds. I think this could be a great hit. 

Me encontre este asombrozo juego el otro dia mientras miraba mis opciones en wooveit. Usualmente busco juegos de Nintendo Switch pero este me llamo mucho la atencion y tuve que hacer un video. Aqui les comparto un enlace a mi video por si lo quieren ver y escuchar mi opinion. Ojo yo no soy un profecional solo hablo lo que pienso. Si me gustaria ver este juego en la Nintendo Switch, pienso que mucha gente lo jugaria en esa consola.

I'm interested in these kinda game but haven't got into this genre. Because of that I figured out to get into this kinda genre with this game. Maybe for noob of this genre this game might be too hard. Or it's better to experience hard games of genre to get into same genre? But either case even if it's hard it was fun. And probably I need to replay same level as much as I needed. With which could I have learned enemy and bullet patterns to be able to avoid them. 

Also I mostly was focusing on destroying enemies, maybe I needed to focus mostly on avoid bullets. 

I played Android version and was wondering if with keyboard it will be different. How little I tried I didn't find difference between touchscreen and keyboard... Ok maybe one which is that on touch your finger might block seeing where your character are. However to move character on touchscreen you don't hold screen where it is character. Finger can be under or over character and with that you will able to tell how close or far bullet it is to you. 

And there isn't difference of game screen aspect ratio between different platform. Only resolution but it can change between same platform. 

But like I before wrote it was enjoyable even when it's hard. I guess who are interested to see how bad I played there here is video of it:

I had a chance to cover this game for my channels and I absolutely loved it. It really pays tribute to the old school bullet hells and shmups. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to move that fast but none the less I felt that the enemies moving that fast worked for the game. Was wondering if you were going to add other game modes such as an easy mode? Other than that it was a great game and I look forward to when it comes out of early access. Hoping it does good enough to see ports to consoles as well.

Here is my gameplay video of the game

Hi, thanks again for the feature. I added mouse input as a way to test touch input and make sure it doesn't break the game. I think I'll keep it in, but have you choose a control type at the beginning and not allow switching in mid-game.

I would like to add difficulty settings, if I can be a little more creative than simply adjusting bullet speed/count. One idea to help new players is a collectible hint card system for learning enemy weaknesses and more obscure mechanics. I'll have more details in my devlog hopefully soon.

Hi there,

I originally played with my XBOX Controller and thought it was fine with the controller as well. Also, I was thinking instead of the game being on a dark screen. If it's doable if you added a background to it as a feature. So people could choose to play with solid black background or with the background. 

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Here's my gameplay - GO'd at 1:38 ish, but did pretty decent after that until I eventually died x3

And I took the liberty of creating side art fillers x3

Nothing too special, but I like filling the screen :3

Thanks much. Can't wait for a chance to watch it.

this is SO BRUTAL xD I like it so far, it's  pretty impressive the bullet patterns going on here.

Thanks, let me know if you have video.  It really helps with making the gameplay and levels better.

yeah ^^ i sampled all the levels, the inebriated mode was probably the most devastating one, lol ^^

gonna be posting it alongside a bunch of other STG games i scooped up :)

Showcased at Minefaire Jan 5-6