Shmup Fest sale, 2.0 Stage 1 now open!

Steam Shmup Fest is on from 9/25-10/2! Get Demonizer 25% off and get a taste of the upcoming 2.0 update in the 1-stage development build.

The revamped Stage 1 is a far more interactive and target-rich environment with more dynamic enemies, more scoring opportunities, graphical updates, and a new hidden mechanic.

To get the development build, download the file demonizer-beta-*.zip for your platform. After the Shmup Fest ends, these builds will remain available and be updated with more stages and features as they reach a playable state. Comments, questions, feedback, and issues are welcome in the thread below.

Files 12 MB
Version 2.0 Sep 27, 2023 17 MB
Version 2.0 Sep 26, 2023 16 MB
Version 2.0 Sep 26, 2023

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Update 10/9: Some QoL updates for the development version.

  • New menu designs are more readable and understandable.
  • Boss dialogue can be advanced with any of the 3 action buttons/keys, or skipped with the Start button or Esc key.
  • Option for smooth movement at any screen refresh rate. Found in Screen options menu.
  • Improved intro cutscene art, courtesy of

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Update 9/27: The options menu is now accessible from the game pause menu. Also, the Enter key is now hardcoded to activate the selected menu item. If you assigned any game action to Enter, you may want to reassign it.