Demonizer G beta Stage 2

The Demonizer G development version now includes Stage 2! Like Stage 1, it is almost totally remade to be more dynamic, exciting, and, well, shootable! To try it, download the file demonizer-beta-*.zip for your platform.

Other updates:

  • Red damage tint for squadmates, and fixed a bug letting them take bullets without any damage.
  • A simple attract mode when the title screen receives no input for 10 seconds.
  • The little white items from defeating enemies just before they fire have been disabled until the system is refined.

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Version 2.0 40 days ago 16 MB
Version 2.0 40 days ago 16 MB
Version 2.0 40 days ago

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Update 5/23: Fixed performance drops in certain areas (Stage 1 first catapults, Stage 2 crop fields) noticed when playing on low-end systems or while the system is busy (e.g. screen recording).


Thanks for all your work!