Configuration Guide

A collection of information on configuring and tweaking the game. Work in progress.

The Game Save Folder

Your settings and records are stored in this folder.

  • Windows: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Demonizer\
  • Linux: $HOME/.local/share/Demonizer/
  • Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Demonizer/

The Options Menu

These options are stored in the file prefs.cfg in the game save folder.


  • Difficulty - NORMAL, HARD, or DEMONIC. Affects
    • most enemies’ fire rates
    • most bullet speeds
    • speeds of most enemies charging towards player
    • various bonus point values
  • Dialogue - characters speak to each other or not
  • Burst Fire - minimum number of shots from pressing primary fire
  • Show Hitbox - ON, OFF, or FOCUSFIRE (during focus fire)


  • Resolution - game canvas resolution (not screen resolution)
    • LOW is true to classic arcade/console systems
    • HIGH smooths sub-pixel movement and sharpens rotated sprites
  • Integer Scale - ON keeps pixels evenly sized, OFF lets the canvas reach the edges of the screen
  • Soft Scale - bilinear filtering to soften upscaled game canvas; recommended when Integer Scale is OFF
  • Inner HUD - HUD inside the game canvas
    • AUTO - game enables it when outer HUD is disabled or unable to fit on the screen
  • Outer HUD - HUD outside the game canvas, game chooses one based on screen aspect
    • Horizontal if screen aspect is 4:3 or wider
    • Vertical if screen aspect is 10:16 or narrower
  • Background Style - BLACK, GRADIENT, or ART surrounding the game canvas


  • Music Volume - 0.0 to 1.0
  • Sound Volume - 0.0 to 1.0


You must plug in your controller to access this menu. You can clear a binding by highlighting it and pressing Delete.

  • Controller Type - XBOX, PS4, PS1/2/3, or SWITCH button naming scheme
  • Analog Deadzone - analog stick presses below this magnitude are ignored
  • Quick Restart - enable Start+Back combination for quick stage restart
  • Fire - primary attack button
  • Focus Fire - secondary attack button
  • Bomb - throw bomb button
  • Pause - pause and show menu

If the buttons show up as numbers when you set them, there is no gamepad mapping for your controller. You may notice input issues until you create a gamepad mapping. See Adding Controller Support.


You can clear a binding by highlighting it and pressing Delete.

  • Left - move left
  • Right - move right
  • Up - move up
  • Down - move down
  • Fire - primary attack key
  • Focus Fire - secondary attack key
  • Bomb - throw bomb key
  • Pause - pause and show menu - locked to Esc
  • Quick Restart - instantly restart the stage - disabled by default


  • Rotation - degrees to rotate the game clockwise
  • Fullscreen - ON for fullscreen, OFF for windowed
  • Vsync - ON eliminates screen tearing, OFF improves input responsiveness

Adding Controller Support

A controller works best when there is an Xbox gamepad mapping for it, that is a description of how to translate the controller’s inputs to Xbox inputs. The game tries to support controllers without mappings, but issues such as ghost button presses have been observed with these controllers.

If you set the buttons in the Controller options and the buttons are represented with numbers, your controller doesn’t have a mapping.

First, try switching the controller to its “Xbox mode” or “Xinput mode” if it has one. If that fails, generate a mapping for your controller:

If you choose to add the mapping to the game’s controller database, you can find the gamecontrollerdb.txt in the game save folder.

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