0.6.4 - Stage 5, new Stage 1, and more

Woah, that was a jump.

This update adds Stage 5, the "highway". The heroine has just made it out of the lava-flooded underground lab, and it's a straight shot from there to the capital city. As she speeds down the highway with her fleet, enemies intercept her on horseback and in suits of armor blessed with flight. If she makes it to the city gates, the boss from the chapel is waiting with his advanced defense systems.

Stage 1 "demonrealm" has been redone. It is almost twice as long as the old version and features original music from RigidatoMS. The old version is still available for comparison as "demonrealm (old)".

When your fleet grows past four partners, #5 through #8 will form a support team on the bottom of the screen. The support team tries to catch missed hearts and adds their power to your bomb attack.

New title screen and main menu, also with RigidatoMS' original music.

New options:

  • Integer scale
    • On: scale the game canvas preserving uniform pixel size, but not necessarily to the edges of the screen.
    • Off: scale the game canvas to the edges of the screen, without regard for pixel size.
  • Soft scale (a.k.a. linear interpolation)
    • On: apply a softening filter to the game canvas when upscaling it.
    • Off: always hard pixels.

More RigidatoMS music: tutorial, chapel, 150s challenge, inebriator, stage clear, game over.

Fixes and polish:

  • Fixed crash on Android after a few levels with "A body has escaped Memoizer!"
  • Fixed running out of memory after a few hours of runtime (e.g. when I showcased the game at an event).
  • Fixed painfully obvious partial pixels on score popups when clumped together.
  • Fixed analog controller axes registering as both horizontal and vertical in menus.
  • Slightly reduced enemy bullets' hitboxes.

The new regular price is $6. It will be on sale at roughly the original price for 1 week.

Finally there is a new Patreon for the game if you want to support it that way. Supporters pledging $20 or more get access to the private repository, where you can download development builds and try out levels and features as they're developing.


demonizer-demo-win-64.zip 6 MB
Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
demonizer-win-64.zip 7 MB
Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
Demonizer-x86_64.AppImage 14 MB
Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
Demonizer.apk 7 MB
Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
demonizer-win-32.zip 6 MB
Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago
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Version 0.6.4 62 days ago

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