Demo 0.1.1

Demo updated to 0.1.1. (The previous demo is considered 0.1.0.)

  • Stage 1 balance changes.
    • Rearrange enemies to address difficulty spikes (but increase their speed to keep combat exciting)
    • Give bombs on player spawn and respawn
  • Minor visual improvements.
    • Glowing demonization effect
    • Impact particle effects
    • Radial meters for player team's power levels
  • Internal restructuring to improve workflow and code organization. Enemies can be controlled almost entirely in Tiled editor by setting properties, and almost all duplicate enemy code is eliminated.
  • Retired the prototype stage, which is not representative of any of the planned stages, and whose assets are not set up for making a fully-polished stage anyway.


demonizer-0.1.1-android-release.apk 9 MB
Jun 12, 2017 5 MB
Jun 12, 2017 8 MB
Jun 12, 2017 9 MB
Jun 12, 2017

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