Demo 0.1.0

The second demo is out. This demo introduces Stage 1, in which the demonized former princess defends her new monstergirl friends against her sister's raiding party. (The stage from the first demo is now Stage 2.)

This stage showcases new and diverse behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses for enemy troops. Foot soldiers march and attack in fixed directions, archers take cover between shots, and swordsmen rush in and pressure with close range attacks.

Other changes:

  • Companions are vulnerable only while flying out to capture. The player can't hide behind them and the enemies can't meat-grind them as easily.
  • Failing a capture no longer removes capturing powers, making it easier to recover the lost score multiplier.
  • No enemy fire while player is dead, making it easier to recover after respawning.
  • Nicer bomb gauge with charge meter and animated full bombs.
  • Companions after the first four will wait in reserve, and replace any of the first four who are killed. In a future version these reserves will gain some kind of assist attack.


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May 01, 2017 8 MB
May 01, 2017

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