Update plans for 2021

With most requested features done and major issues fixed, development is going on holiday break. (barring any critical fixes)

Updates will resume in mid or late January, switching to a monthly cycle to allow time for bigger changes (and exploring new game projects).

These are the major features planned for the near future.

Boss rush stage

Fight all bosses one after another. Start with max resources and gain some back with each boss defeated. Don’t let the timer run out. Unlocked by beating the campaign.

New playable characters

Snow the siren, with sonic attacks that penetrate the enemy’s cover. Unlocked by freeing her from an underwater prison. (She was started before release but had to be pushed back.)

Fallen Angelina turns her triple arrow against her former brethren. Unlocked by beating the campaign.

Mission mode

Short challenge stages, demanding skillful use of specific game mechanics or combinations of such. Intended as a more fun way to learn advanced mechanics not covered in the basic tutorial.

Additional polish

Character portraits, voice clips, and other touches to help the game feel more alive.

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