0.8.6a - more various improvements, new playable character coming soon


  • Player now fires a minimum 3-shot burst with each press of the fire button. This helps players who like to tap the fire button rather than hold. Without it, these players were at a disadvantage as they could not fire fast enough to defeat the enemy.


  • If the player does not fire for a short time (1/5 of a second), her next shot will have double damage. This rewards being patient and timing her shot to when the enemy is vulnerable.


  • Add a feed of damaged and defeated enemies on the right of the horizontal HUD.
  • Give buttons rounded corners.
  • Rearrange horizontal HUD to fit on 4:3 screens (such as CRTs).
  • To restart or quit in the pause menu, hold the button for 2 seconds, then release.
  • Don’t open control settings on first launch. This was confusing to some testers.


  • Zombies can now be destroyed while rising from the ground.


  • Tutorial
    • Fixed a rare softlock. Blue hearts could get thrown offscreen, leaving the player unable to throw a bomb when they were supposed to.
  • Stage 1: Demon Realm
    • Fixed: if a monstergirl escaped from a swordsman too early, the swordsman would chase the player when they should have fled.
  • Stage 3: Chapel
    • Fixed some statues partially hidden behind trees.
  • Stage 4: Underground
    • Fixed the boss sometimes getting stuck behind the right lava pillar after summoning them.
  • Stage 6: Capital
    • Fixed: fires could be put out prematurely in the molotov cocktail fight.
    • Darken water for better bullet visibility.
    • Revise boat section for pacing.
    • Increase electric mage’s base fire rate.
  • Inebriator
    • Fixed crash when player fired.
    • The player shot and powerup systems are now identical to the main game except for the drunken sway.


  • Make arrow a bit longer and heavy militia bullet a bit shorter.
  • New monstergirl sprites: wurm and hornet.

What’s next

  • A new playable character is coming. Snow the siren will become available if the player can free her from her watery prison in stage 6. She will have
    • A wide sonic wave that continues through enemies and cover. (see above)
    • A shout that continuously damages all enemies around her and throws their bullets back at them.
  • Stage 6 boss is still a bit underwhelming and needs revision.


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Version 0.8.6a 29 days ago
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Version 0.8.6a 29 days ago
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Version 0.8.6a 29 days ago

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