0.8.5 - Difficulty setting, two more stages improved

Highlights are the new difficulty setting (Normal or Hard) and improved stages 4 (underground lab) and 5 (highway). Although I was hoping to get to work on stage 6 (capital city), it’s about time for a new version. Unfortunately, the caravan stage is quite broken and has been disabled for this release.


  • Added an easier Normal difficulty. The original difficulty is Hard. This setting affects only the campaign stages.
  • Added option to adjust the analog deadzone.
  • Added option to skip the dialogue before and after bosses.


  • Player movement with the controller is now assigned to both Left Stick and D-pad and is no longer configurable.
  • Player can no longer move faster than maximum speed by pressing directions on multiple controllers.

Level design

  • Stage 4
    • More new monstergirl sprites by Snow Rose, bringing their style closer to the other characters.
    • Increased bonuses for rescuing prisoners.
    • Add more enemies, especially in the hypnotists’ section to eliminate dead air.
    • Demonsterizer tubes take more damage, but have a machine behind them which is their weak point.
    • Boss is more mobile and calls up columns of lava in the second half of the fight.
  • Stage 5
    • Many adjustments to boss fight to make it more fair and rewarding.
    • Adjust colors of road tiles and city shield tiles for better bullet visibility.


  • Enemies consider their bullets’ gravity so they can face the player and fire at her properly.
  • When assaulting enemies at max power, your companions now spread out instead of bunching together.
  • The number of reserve companions is capped at 20. Any more will give a 5000 point bonus.


  • Redone menus. Flash outline around selected menu item and play sound on activating it.
  • Bonus tally at the end of a level is sped up to ensure they finish before exiting the level.
  • Reduce blur on drunk title screen so instructions are more readable.
  • Testing out a new gradient background behind game viewport.


  • Fixed enemy not dropping their heart when defeated off the top of the screen.
  • Fixed occasional juddering of player and other sprites that move with the camera. (was more apparent with resolution setting at 1x)
  • Fixed the pause menu being affected by the drunk blur shader.
  • Fixed the bullet origin of exploding land mines.
  • Fixed hole in empty cauldron sprite.
  • Fixed hypnotists emitting particles in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed mounted enemies in stage 5 sometimes riding on nothing.
  • Fixed camera moving the wrong way when starting stage 6 at the checkpoint.
  • Fixed unchanged Windows exe icon.
  • Reduced comic book filesize by half and removed some unnecessary lines.


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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
demonizer-osx.zip 12 MB
Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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Version 0.8.5 54 days ago
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