0.6.7 - What? Still no Stage 6?

Sorry. Around mid-September, I realized I was in level design burnout. My plan was to create all the levels ASAP, but I have a bad habit of trying to perfect my work in the first draft, and I overestimated how long I could sustain that creative effort without a break. So these last two updates have been smaller and less creatively demanding.

The good news is that the small updates to existing stages are helping me ease back into level design. So I think Stage 6 is still doable as planned if I pace myself better.

Here's the last thing I made for this stage, a midboss with Molotov cocktails. His sprite is not final of course.


  • Rewrote tutorial instructions in proper English.
  • Tutorial infantrymen will now fire at you so you can practice some bullet dodging. You can get hit and die but you will not lose or gain any resources (lives, bomb energy, partners, captives).
  • Fewer catapults in Stage 1.
  • More infantry in Stage 2 as it was feeling a little bit sparse.
  • Minor rebalancing of Stages 3 and 4.
  • Stage 5 boss a little easier. One attack now fires around the player for area denial instead of directly at her.
  • Short dialogue with each boss before fighting.


  • Added smoke to Stage 1 forest fire, so it's less distracting and orange bullets don't blend in.


  • Added bounce to bonus point indicators for personality.
  • You can now see your maximum number of bombs at all times.
  • The instructions to the Inebriator minigame now reflect your control configuration.


  • Stage 1 boss theme by RigidatoMS. The slightly tragic tone hints at the history and feelings between the two princesses (Angelina the boss and Amelia the player) - first separated by Amelia's exile, then forced to fight each other for the survival of their respective peoples.


  • Fixed player teleporting after being computer-controlled, if the mouse or touchscreen moved during that time.
  • Fixed partners flying offscreen for a while when rapidly tapping secondary fire button.
  • Fixed ability to pause while the black curtain was opening or closing. Avoids a black screen from pausing with the curtain fully closed.


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