Short score-attack shmup in the "caravan" style.

Jenny has two minutes to save her hive from invading insects. Power up her sting shot with honey crystals and shoot invaders coming from all directions!

Made for Gunner Parade Jam 2022. Ported to Android for Android Port Jam 2023.

Note for Firefox users: If you have problems with the web version, read and post feedback here


ActionXinput ControllerKeyboard
MoveD-pad or Left Stick
FireA button
Change weapon
B button
Change speed
X button
PauseStart buttonEsc on desktop, P in browser
ResetBack+Start buttons

For the Android controls, see "How to Play" at the title screen.


Power up

Boosts your weapon and protects you against an additional hit.


Concept, game design, programming, player character art/design: Iori Branford

Music: "Funkbuster" by Tytanium654


Background, enemy, effect, and UI art:

  • Erranteee
  • ARoachIFoundOnMyPillow
  • dannorder
  • G-Brothers
  • YuriNikolai
  • PWL
  • Spring Spring
  • RedShrike
  • Poss
  • Kenney

Cover art: hooksnfangs


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Version postjam2d
Honey_Soldier.apk 13 MB
Version postjam2d 4 MB
Version postjam2d

Also available on

Development log


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Great gameplay, love the graphics! 5 starts :D


Awesome game. Any chance of a high score feature being added?

I had the idea but never got round to it, hopefully soon. Thanks!


It’s in:


Could be better with WASD controls, but yeah, neat game.

(5 edits)

The downloadable versions actually create a config file, but I haven’t done proper UI yet.

  • %APPDATA%\Honey Guardian\config.lua on Windows
  • ~/.local/share/LOVE/Honey Guardian/config.lua on Linux
  • /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/LOVE/Honey Guardian on Mac

Find the key_ lines and change like so

  key_changespeed = "l",
  key_changeweapon = "k",
  key_down = "s",
  key_fire = "j",
  key_left = "a",
  key_pause = "pause",
  key_pausemenu = "escape",
  key_restart = "none",
  key_right = "d",
  key_up = "w",

Full list of keyboard keys


Awesome game!! Also Love2D gang omg based


Love2D is love ♥


I promoted the game on my site.

Thank you very much ✌


You’re welcome!


Really fun game. Would be awesome to see it expanded upon. Great work! 

I’m hoping to about double the level content in the next month or so, thanks ✌️


I will be playing this live 6/21 around 6:00 PM EST (Birthday Stream) =)

Nice! I’ll have work then so will watch VOD later.


Cute shmup!
My run:

Thanks! Tempting to make it a full project though I have 2 already 🥵

Make it a full project! Your shooters are great!