Now playable in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge! And Firefox by following instructions here

Short score-attack shmup in the "caravan" style. Jenny has one minute to save her hive from invaders.

For Gunner Parade '22 jam.


ActionXinput ControllerKeyboard
MoveD-padArrow keys
FireA button
Z key
Change weapon
B button
X key
Change speed
X button
C key
PauseStart buttonEsc key
ResetBack+Start buttons in game
F2 key
QuitBack+Start buttons at title


Power up

Boosts your weapon and protects you against an additional hit.


Concept, game design, programming, player character art/design: Iori Branford

Music: "Funkbuster" by Tytanium654


Enemy, background, and visual effect art:

  • Erranteee
  • ARoachIFoundOnMyPillow
  • dannorder
  • G-Brothers
  • YuriNikolai
  • PWL

Cover art: hooksnfangs


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Version postjam1 2 MB
Version postjam1

Development log


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Could be better with WASD controls, but yeah, neat game.

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The downloadable versions actually create a config file, but I haven’t done proper UI yet.

  • %APPDATA%\Honey Guardian\config.lua on Windows
  • ~/.local/share/LOVE/Honey Guardian/config.lua on Linux
  • /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/LOVE/Honey Guardian on Mac

Find the key_ lines and change like so

  key_changespeed = "l",
  key_changeweapon = "k",
  key_down = "s",
  key_fire = "j",
  key_left = "a",
  key_pause = "pause",
  key_pausemenu = "escape",
  key_restart = "none",
  key_right = "d",
  key_up = "w",

Full list of keyboard keys


Awesome game!! Also Love2D gang omg based


Love2D is love ♥


I promoted the game on my site.

Thank you very much ✌


You’re welcome!


Really fun game. Would be awesome to see it expanded upon. Great work! 

I’m hoping to about double the level content in the next month or so, thanks ✌️


I will be playing this live 6/21 around 6:00 PM EST (Birthday Stream) =)

Nice! I’ll have work then so will watch VOD later.


Cute shmup!
My run:

Thanks! Tempting to make it a full project though I have 2 already 🥵

Make it a full project! Your shooters are great!