Infiltrate the party, pick pockets and steal the Ultimate Gem.

Thief actions turn you feline. Try not to be seen as a feline or in a restricted area. (Don't worry about the first few guests, they're blind drunk.)

If you're seen, don't get grabbed by the guards or it's over.

Once you grab the gem, it releases a pressure plate that sounds an alarm through the whole place. Bring it back outside and over the fence to win.


Design and Program

Iori Branford

Sprite Art

Snow Rose

Background Art

Mucho Pixels House Interior Tileset Pack

Sound Effects

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi


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Awesome job as always! Looks great, plays great. Was wondering why you weren't doing the IDGASDGJ and now I know. I can't wait for Demonizer to completed and launched. Thanks for the patch to our game!

Thanks for your support as always friends.

Really neat game. I liked the visuals and the mechanics of the game with the satisfying ending of stealing a $100000 jewel. However, I noticed that if I kept walking, it would be hard for the guards to catch(intentional?). Whatever the case, great game man! :D

Thanks, yes, that is one of the issues I’ve addressed in the post-jam updated version (see devlog).

v cute! i like the catgirl shes cute :3
i got a bit confused at first when the guards started chasing because i assumed thief mode was invisible but otherwise this is cool


Thanks very much. I do need to write the description and explain some things but first, rest…

hard agree on that,,,