Post-jam Update 1

The first post-jam update is out! Interested players can try an improved experience with smoother and more challenging combat.

  • Gameplay
    • You can keep spinning by mashing the attack button without precise timing. You also have limited movement while spinning.
    • You can now grab and hold any standing enemy and move him around. This makes it easier to throw him exactly where you want when using arrow keys or d-pad. But when thrown, he can recover if he doesn’t hit a wall in time.
    • Enemy stun state at 0 health was removed as the above change made it unnecessary.
    • You can do the tail spin attack while holding an enemy.
    • Enemies lunge forward when they attack. Spear guys especially get a big boost in attack range.
    • A new axe enemy challenges you at the end. He can block, counterattack, and throw projectiles. You have to fight him more carefully and not just run up and wail on him.
  • QoL and polish
    • Controller can pause and restart. Pause with Start/Plus button, and while paused restart with Back/Select/Minus button.
    • Fixed having to destroy containers as well as enemies before advancing
    • Fixed healing fish sprite positions
    • Rose’s face next to health bar
    • Hit sparks

2022/03/19 UPDATE

This update has replaced the original jam version.

An issue was also fixed where if you got hit and released a grabbed enemy, that enemy became immune to your attack.


Dragontail-x86_64.AppImage 9 MB
Mar 19, 2022 8 MB
Mar 19, 2022 4 MB
Mar 19, 2022

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