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Awesome job as always! Looks great, plays great. Was wondering why you weren't doing the IDGASDGJ and now I know. I can't wait for Demonizer to completed and launched. Thanks for the patch to our game!

Thanks for your support as always friends.

Really neat game. I liked the visuals and the mechanics of the game with the satisfying ending of stealing a $100000 jewel. However, I noticed that if I kept walking, it would be hard for the guards to catch(intentional?). Whatever the case, great game man! :D

Thanks, yes, that is one of the issues I’ve addressed in the post-jam updated version (see devlog).

v cute! i like the catgirl shes cute :3
i got a bit confused at first when the guards started chasing because i assumed thief mode was invisible but otherwise this is cool


Thanks very much. I do need to write the description and explain some things but first, rest…

hard agree on that,,,