Post-jam update

This update adds some improvements and fixes for completeness.

  • Controls
    • Optional pounce button separate from jump button.
    • Look up and down while standing still.
    • Controls help before entering the house (for Xbox controller).
  • Gameplay
    • Doors and windows which require a certain amount of force to break.
    • Some objects are visibly broken when hit.
      • EDIT 11/29: Fixed broken object sprites failing to load.
    • Make bookshelves non-collidable. They provided safe havens from enemies, thus breaking the game (and not in a fun way).
    • Enemies search more aggressively after stumbling on a broken object, or being hit by one even if it doesn't knock them out.
    • Enemies push broken objects out of their way more easily.
    • Pouncing at the enemy from the front will also knock them out.
    • Fix collision problem when jumping up from under a table.
    • Endgame bonus for any enemies who never saw you. Enemy footstep volume and sight range are adjusted so that finishing with 0 witnesses is achievable.
  • UI
    • Title and win screens.

Files 18 MB
Version postjam-1 Nov 29, 2018 32 MB
Version postjam-1 Nov 29, 2018 19 MB
Version postjam-1 Nov 29, 2018

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